Music by Goladus

This is a selection of music written between 1999 to 2003
It's mostly random sketches and some music for class.

For newer music, visit my band page on myspace: Gadolus
1Zelda Fugue - Continue, Save, Retry00:03:10This is a four voice fugue, using the recognizeable Death theme from "The Legend of Zelda" for the NES.
2F. L.00:03:55This piece is written for several midi instruments: piano, strings, oboe, bassoon, french horn, harp, and trumpet.
3Lullabye00:02:17A short lullabye for 2 parts and accompaniment
4Bach Rock00:02:34In progress-- Based on JS Bach's Fugue in C# Major bwv 848, from the Well Tempered Clavier.
53 Short Pieces for Piano 1. Action00:01:18
63 Short Pieces for Piano 2. Tranquility00:01:34
73 Short Pieces for Piano 3. Energy00:01:17
8Tactics Fugue00:01:59This is a fugue based on the battle formation theme from Final Fantasy Tactics.